According to our slogan "for everyday life", Intenso offers products to support everyday life. In order to make this everyday life sustainable, we feel obligated to rethink products and processes and to direct our focus towards more sustainability. Thus, in recent years, we have subjected products and processes to a "sustainability screening" and adapted them accordingly. Product packaging has been changed to reduce plastic. Methods have been developed to save paper in day-to-day office operations, and transportation routes have been put to the test in an environmentally conscious manner. We strive every day to find solutions that combine innovation, digitization & sustainability and to implement them in our corporate structures in the long term.


By implementing various measures, we aim to live up to our social responsibility and ensure that we can continue to offer sustainable products to support people in their everyday lives. We place high demands on our products and subject them to comprehensive quality testing - from the development to their launch on the market. We want to ensure that our products meet our high quality standards and have a long life cycle. Naturally, the concept of sustainability is present in all our considerations. Thus, we will continue to question which processes, structures and products we can further optimize in order to make our contribution to a more sustainable environment.

Our measures for more sustainability




Only paper is used as filling material for parcel shipments



Changeover from plastic blisters to paper blisters   green

Use of recycable materials





Changeover to digital billing




Plastic bags are no longer used to pack accessories

Implementation of sustainable battery packaging

Implementation of alternative transport options using rail transport (reduction of air freight)




Blistercard got reduced in size

Implementation of a document management system, aiming to introduce a paperless office




Reduction in size of cardboard box packaging and use of cardboard blisters within the packaging

Redrafting of operating instructionsto save paper




Complete the package update

New flash drive with a housing made of recycled plastic and organice composite material


Careful use of resources

Less plastic


In 2013, the packaging of USB Sticks

and SD cards were changed from plastic to paper.

95% of plastic were used with the new packaging.

1074 tons



By implementing paper blisters in 2013 Intenso

cut down on 1074 tons of plastic.



48 tons


2021 the blister packs have been changed again

and were reduced in size by approx. 1/3. That way

48.3 tons of packaging material can be saved per year.




The smaller packaging does not only save packaging

material but also space on transport routes, resulting

in a reduction of 38% of the resources.


On the disposal of batteries


Disposal also plays an important role when talking about sustainability. Since Intenso also sells batteries, we are obliged to provide you with the following information on the disposal of batteries:

  •  If you buy batteries, you are legally obligated to return used batteries.
  •  Batteries must not be disposed of in household waste
  •  Collection points for batteries can be found where you purchased the products. Municipal collection points also accept batteries. You can dispose of batteries there free of charge.  

Batteries contain harmful substances and are therefore marked with a crossed-out garbage can. So the next time you go shopping, simply take your used batteries with you and dispose of them properly.