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Powerbank XS5000, XS10000 & XS20000

Technical standards in a compact design

The Intenso Powerbanks XS5000, XS10000 & XS20000 impress with their incredibly small design while offering many different application possibilities. Thanks to the USB-A and USB-C output the power bank enables charging options for all current smartphones or other mobile devices. Due to the compact and handy design, the power banks can be transported easily and fit into every jacket, pocket, or handbag.

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Mobile charging for everyday life

The power banks are equipped with a lithium-polymer battery in the specified capacity. Thanks to a 2.1 or even 3.1 ampere output voltage, they enable particularly fast charging of mobile devices. Depending on the capacity, the power bank will extend the additional talk time of your mobile phone by several hours. With a height of just 9 cm or 13 cm, the power bank can be easily stored in the bag, even during loading operations. Therefore, the power banks are indispensable, especially on long trips, festivals or business meetings where mobile devices are used all the time and sockets are rather rare. The mini power banks are available in black, white, petrol, blue and rosé. The XS20000 is available in black and white. A USB-C to USB-A charging cable is included in the scope of delivery.


Capacity 5000 mAh I 10000 mAh I 20000 mAh
Battery type Rechargebale li-polymer battery
Colour Black I White I Rosé I Petrol I Blue


5000 mAh:   5V - 2.1A total

10000 mAh: 5V - 3.1A total

20000 mAh: 5V - 3.1A total


microUSB + USB-C

5000 mAh:   5V - 2.1A

10000 mAh: 5V - 2.4A

20000 mAh: 5V - 2.4A


Capacity, Colour Article number EAN Code
5000 mAh, Black 7313520 4034303028221
5000 mAh, White 7313522 4034303028252
5000 mAh, Rose 7313523 4034303028313
5000 mAh, Blue 7313525 4034303028344
5000 mAh, Petrol 7313527 4034303028283
10000 mAh, Black 7313530 4034303028375
10000 mAh, White 7313532 4034303028405
10000 mAh, Rose 7313533 4034303028467
10000 mAh, Blue 7313535 4034303028498
10000 mAh, Petrol 7313537 4034303028436
20000 mAh, Black 7313550 4034303029563
20000 mAh, White 7313552 4034303029594


  • Data sheet Powerbanks XS5000, XS10000 & XS20000
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  • Manual Powerbank XS5000
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  • Manual Powerbank XS10000
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  • Manual Powerbank XS20000
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